• On arrival in Yuma Arizona your seed is immediately sampled according to United States Department of Agriculture approved methods.

  • An on-site moisture test is performed to ensure the seed is fit for coating.

  • A second sample is retained for germination tests once the entire seed lot has been coated.



  • Following the completion of the coating process the coated seed is packaged and labeled according to your specifications.

  • Normally packaging is either in bulk bags or 50 lbs. poly bags or paper bags. Our international customers generally prefer their seed packed in 25 kgs. paper bags for export.

  • All seed is palletized and shrink-wrapped to ensure it reaches your customer in perfect condition.

Seed Enhancement

  • Once your seed has been scheduled into Precision Seed Coaters production line it moves rapidly through whichever of our coating/enhancement processes you selected.

  • Our PrecisionCote℠ process ensures the seed is coated with a combination of ingredients designed to enhance the genetic performance of your seed.

  • Legume seeds are inoculated with clay based Rhizobial inoculants and if required, treated with a fungicide.

  • There are two main coatings offered, PrecisionCote℠ and NaturalCote℠Our coating equipment is fully automated and computerized and enables us to produce up to a truckload or more per day.

  • Following the coating process the seed flows through a hot air dryer prior to being sorted to ensure all seeds are of a similar size.


  • You can be sure your seed is going to get to its destination accompanied by the correct documentation so there are no delays for your customers.
  • At Precision Seed Coaters we are proud of our reputation of “going that extra mile” for our customers.

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