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Precision Seed Coaters Company

Our Company

Helping growers achieve a faster, lower cost, and more accurate crop operation since 1989.

Precision Seed Coaters was established in Yuma Arizona in 1989 to assist on the turf and forage markets in the Southwest. Since then we have grown to help growers achieve a more accurate crop operation with a high-class custom seed coating service with exclusive technology and highly motivated personnel.

The significance of seed coating is to achieve a bigger and heavier variable in size or shape to be spread accurately. Strict control of spacing or depth of placement is vital to achieve the desired harvest. Coated seeds are widely accepted as a standard product for many crops.

Precision Seed Coaters helps growers accomplish their highest potential by incorporating the most advanced custom seed coating enhancements that you will find in the coating industry.


Our Team

Ensuring quality with a highly motivated personnel.

Precision Seed Coaters is committed to offering custom coating seed services in a timely and accurate manner, through a team of highly motivated personnel. This is supported by innovative equipment and well-defined processes. Employees will adopt a culture that promotes integrity, sense of responsibility, and continual improvement.

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